Big Page O’ Monster Doodles


O big page o’ monster doodles! Swim in the toothy waters. Keep your eyes peeled or you’ll be swallow’d whole.

Pen on paper then colored in Photoshop. Two versions. One watery, one colored with no restraint. Read More

Popsicle Guys



These guys were done in pencil then ink on paper. The original drawings I did a bunch of years ago (look at all that stippling!) But I just colored these today. The coloring was done in Photoshop.

Flying Bug Guys


Just flyin’ around town.

Doodle done while listening to podcasts. Texture and color added in Photoshop.

Scary String Thing


Everybody better watch out for this thing I’m serious. It might be made of string or veins. It uses crosswalks, finds parapets, and enforces stretching exercises.


Oldies But Goodies


I’ve been going through the Andrea Tomingas archives lately. Dug these two drawings up from the vertical files:

This one is a drawing of my friend’s awesome dog. I did this in around 2006 I think ? — I have to tell the archivist to keep better track. I did the drawing first in pencil on paper from a photograph, then I went over it in ink. The red and brown of the eyes were added in Photoshop.

This is another one done from a photograph. I did it in ink on paper, then colored and added texture in Photoshop. I took the photograph at the Nike Site in Los Angeles, which is a pretty and interesting place to hike to in LA.

Happy 2012 (& Thank You too)


I made a thank you card / happy new year card out of the circles and lines design I drew a couple weeks ago:

I did the original circles and lines drawing with ink on paper. I added the texture and color in Photoshop. The type is from the awesome family, Novecento, a few weights of which are free on myfonts.

New Year's Monster Portraits


These monsters hired me to do their portraits as New Year’s gifts to each other, which I thought was sweet. It seemed like the monsters might eat me for dinner, so I had to make their portraits a little more flattering than realistic. This went over really well and the monsters even jokingly mentioned that I might need new glasses. They winked at each other, which sent ooze flying.

These were done with pencil on paper. Color & texture done in Photoshop.